Satellite Queens

Behind the Scenes of a Prime Time Arab Talk Show

By focusing on the popular women talk show Kalam Nawaem (’Sweet Talk’ or ’Women Talk’), this lively documentary explores how Arab satellite TV influences lifestyles and public opinion in the Middle East. Hosted by four charming women from different Arab countries, this hugely successful prime time TV show brings the world seen from the vantage point of women to millions of Arab viewers worldwide. Discussing hot issues like homosexuality, terrorism and masturbation, Lebanese Rania, Egyptian Fawzia, Palestine Farah and Saudi Muna are the controversial stars of a record breaking television format, bringing in millions of dollars in advertising revenue for its Saudi owners.

Who are these charming women breaking new ground? How do they use the power of media to change their world? And what does their talk bring about in Arab living rooms? An intimate look at the making of Arab public opinion.

Fawzia Salama

Rania Barghout

Muna Abu Suleiman

Farah Bseiso